About Us

We are the only CCTV and security company in Johannesburg  that gives you panic button remotes with a video camera in the remote so when you push it, we can immediately help you before the first responders get to you.

We aim to give our clients a sense of safety to themselves and their loved ones.  Even when they themselves aren’t home.  We take all our clients’ concerns seriously – even those pertaining to their pets.  We offer additional services such as accompanying our clients’ home when they are driving alone at night.  This is a service our single customers seem to appreciate very much.

As we all are aware, there are MANY pet owners in  Johannesburg  that regards their animals as their own children.  Naturally their number one priority in life are their animals.  With our new CCTV indoor cameras, pet owners area able to log into the app on their smartphone to check in on their babies when no one is at home.  Not only does thecamera allow for visual contact but also audio capabilities.  You will be able to easily interact with them.  They would hear you speak and vice versa.  Your work-day will seem much shorter and your pets will feel the same way.

Our products mainly seem appeal to single people living alone.  When bedtime rolls around and you’re cuddled up together in the room and the alarm is set, you can get a good nights’ rest knowing you’re 100% safe in your own home.

In today’s day and age, is this know what is most important?

Call us today to ensure your family is protected always.