Cctv camera installer Johannesburg

There were over 22 000 home invasions in SA, and these are only the ones that were reported via Cctv camera installer  Johannesburg.

  1. 138 000 people were robbed at knife/gun point.
  2. Sexual offense cases increased to 50 000.
  3. Over 16 000 cases of carjacking in SA for 2018.

These stats are not here to scare you, far from it, the stats are presented to make sure that you know that you’re properly protected in your own home.  Are you fully protected?  Do you feel safe in your home when you close your doors at night?

Our company holds our customers security needs to the highest of standards.  We, as SA citizens too, understand and agree that security is of the utmost importance when purchasing a new home or wanting to renovate the one you’re currently in.  Something new that has been recently introduced to our customers, is state of the art CCTV camera surveillance.  The cameras come with CIA grade motion sensors and audio recognition.  You can see and hear everything that is happening outside your house from the comfort of your bed.  You can monitor and survey your home, inside and out, when you are away from home.  Included in your monthly installment is access to the CCTV camera app that will be downloaded on your smartphone when initial installation is done by our amazing technical team.

After reading everything Cctv camera installer  Johannesburg  have to offer, don’t delay in calling us.  We are here to make your home comfortable but secure at the same time.  Your life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest, let us help you accomplish that.  Don’t become a statistic.