Early childhood is an important developmental period but many children in underprivileged communities do not receive the child care they need to help them develop to the best of their ability. The children at the daycare centers deal with extreme circumstances such as crime, alcohol, drug abuse and HIV/AIDS on a daily basis, and sometimes they do not have anyone who takes proper care
of them.

The Volunteering Africa Child Care Project aims to help these children and to provide them with loving support and care. The Child Care Program consists of taking care of young children and babies, and volunteers will be placed at one of the three daycare centers that Volunteering Africa is involved with.

Volunteers will be expected to take a hands-on approach in caring for these children. They will assist with planning and carrying out educational and creative activities as well as feeding, cooking, cleaning and playing with the children. Volunteers will be expected to work for three to four hours daily.

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