Frequently asked questions regarding our CCTV packages and armed response unit:

  1. With load shedding being implemented quite frequently, can I still access the CCTV feed from my cellphone?

Yes you definitely will be able to access your CCTV feed from your cellphone.  When the CCTV is installed in your home, a back up battery is installed with the cameras that has a battery life of 6 hours.  Even though you wont be able to see the cameras on your TV in your home, you will be able to log in on your smart phone and make sure everything is fine for your peace of mind.

  1. Do the CCTV cameras come with sound?

Yes they do.  When you are scanning the perimeter of your house, either inside or outside, you will able to hear any kind of sound from passing cars or surrounding homes.

  1. Everything that my CCTV camera records inside and outside my home, does it record at head office too?

Absolutely everything that gets recorded on your hard drive, gets recorded on our hard drive too.  We have a surveillance team that watches every camera feed 24/7.  If anything, suspicious catches our attention from your home video feed, we call you to make sure that everything is okay.  If we are not able to get hold of you in that moment, we send a response car out to your place.

  1. How do I go about signing up with your company?

Call us for a hassle-free quote.  One of our agents will gladly assist you with any and all questions you have.  You give us a rough spec of your house and we give you a rough estimate of the installation and monthly cost.  You will be quickly on your way to peace of mind.