The Teaching program is designed to offer classroom-based learning to young South Africans, an opportunity that provide a brighter future. Volunteer Africa has partnered with local schools to provide support and lesson plans for our volunteers to help these children get the education they deserve.

Volunteers get to share their knowledge of reading English and see the heartwarming smiles on the children as they learn to read a new story.

Role of Volunteer

Volunteers in the Teaching Program spend a majority of their time teaching English, but can opt to teach other subjects as well, such as Math or Science, in primary and junior secondary schools. While teaching abroad in South Africa you will develop conversational skills with students aged 5 to 10-years-old in primary schools and 11 to 16-years-old in junior secondary schools. 

Reading literature to and with them helps improve their low comprehension level and practicing conversations develops the poor pronunciation levels of students.

Volunteers will also be able to provide theoretical and practical assistance while assisting local teachers as they interact with and teach the students. South Africa has four academic terms per year: January-March, April-June, July-September and October-December.

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