“It was a typical Sunday evening.  I had just put the kids to bed, hubby was coming back from picking up takeaways for supper.  I had heard the gate opening but he was taking very long to come inside.  As we have a long driveway, I could not see the gate from inside the house.  I ran to the room that has the video feed for the CCTV and there I saw my husband was being held up by two guys with a gun.  It felt like the life had just left my body and I went into complete panic mode for a few seconds.  Out the corner of my eye I saw the panic button on the wall by the CCTV camera feed and I immediately pushed it as hard as I could.  Armed response was so fast to come to our rescue.  Not only was their response fast, they apprehend the guys that were holding up my husband.  There was minor damage to the car and thankfully to my husband as well.  Best decision we ever made was to install CCTV.  I will never be able to thank them enough.” – Michelle (Bassonia).

This is one of the many MANY thank you emails and letters we receive daily from our customers.  With us, we regard our customers as family and for family we do everything in our power to help them.  Not only do we give you an obligation free quote when you call us, we also give you the first month for free if you decide to use us for your CCTV and security needs.

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